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Birthdate:Sep 27
Location:Texas, United States of America
Website:diet icons
name] diet otaku, diet, rachel
birth] 9/27/81
sign] libra, rooster
location] dallas, tx
political] democrat (like HARDCORE)
icons]diet icons

this journal] is my personal journal, and as such i keep it friends-only. i am picky with who i add; i'm not going to friend you just because you friended me. after all, if i wanted just anyone to be able to read my journal, i wouldn't f-lock it. ;) things that will probably get you friended: posting frequently, commenting frequently (lol attention whore), sharing several common interests, and it helps if your journal makes me laugh. i like to laugh.

current theme] back to ATLA! i just can't let all those icons go to waste. also, zutara. <333

warnings] i complain and swear A LOT. like fer srsly. i am also prone to CAPSLOCK, lolcatspeak, and the liberal abuse of 4chan memes. i am also 99% likely to say something that will offend you, because i am a bitch and i hold NOTHING sacred. NOTHING. so if you are offended by anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, DO NOT FRIEND ME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

anime] slayers, azumanga daioh, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, ouran high school host club, kuroshitsuji, lovely complex, xxxHOLiC, and like 100 others. i tend to watch at least 5 shows a season, if there are that many good ones airing.

television] avatar: the last airbender, the critic, family guy, whatever i feel like watching online. i don't pay for cable so anything i watch has to be via DVD or the interbutts.

movies] wall-e, monty python & the holy grail, accepted, eurotrip, dumb & dumber, jurassic park, stick it, twister, liar liar, and maybe a few others. i'm not much of a movie buff.

music] kanon wakeshima, hinoi team, miyavi, shiina ringo, my chemical romance, garbage, various anime music and a bunch of other random shit.
fangirling] sebastian (kuroshitsuji), xellos (slayers), zelgadis (slayers), zuko (ATLA), kyo (FB), haru (FB), shigure (FB), plus lots of others, not necessarily in that order.
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